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Derek Zoolander Costume - Mens Zoolander Costumes

Are you pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking? Do you plan on finding out what that is?

If so, we think we may just have the costume for you this year. Relax!

You dont have to build the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Cant Read Good (and who wanna learn to do other stuff good too) to be a hero this Halloween; you just have to save the day, or at least the fashion show, by wearing this Derek Zoolander Costume, straight off the runway from the box office hit film Zoolander. You already know that a male models life is a precious, precious commodity, which is why you cannot wait to step straight into the fashion limelight tonight.

In this vinyl-adorned jacket and printed red pants, you can become instantly recognizable as your favorite Hollywood hunk..

.well, as long as you get that Blue Steel look down pat.

Once you slip on the black wig included with this officially licensed ensemble, you will be fully ready to join Hansel and take on the evil Mugatu. So dont be a derelicte; if you have always wanted to break dance fight your way to a victory, now is your moment.

Grab it by the..


Blue Steel look down!

Zoolander Mugatu Costume for Men

Do you want to change the world? Not just with stuff like charity and schools that teach kids how to read good, but actually change it in useful ways, like through fashion?

Then this official Mugatu Costume from the cult comedy movie Zoolander is the fashionable ensemble of your dreams! Making a splash in history with your expertise in fashion design is not easy.

Sometimes, it may seem so tough that you feel like you're taking crazy pills, and it doesn't matter how many model buildings that look like they were made for ants you make; you just aren't getting the attention you deserve. Even when you think you've made your big breakthrough in the humanity-improving fashion world, like by inventing something as fundamentally game changing as the piano necktie, it still won't be enough to get your name on billboards in big shiny letters!

That's when you have to play outside of the rules, and maybe do some brainwashing and manipulation. But, even that takes careful plotting and scheming, and this chic Mugatu costume is the perfect outfit to plot your domination of the stylistic world in.

This look is so hot right now, that anyone who sees you in this wide cuffed grey top with your name (Mugatu; not your actual name..

. that could be weird) printed across the front in bold letters is instantly going to think you're a titan of fashion!

And as soon as you put on the trend-defying wig and curly goatee, you'll feel really, really ridiculously good looking. Even Derek Zoolander and his look of Blue Steel will be powerless to stop you!