The Boys

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Women's The Boys Starlight Deluxe Costume

Blinded By the (Star) Light The Boys is full of awesome, interesting, and expertly designed costumes, but Starlight's is a true understated classic. It's the perfect combination of sweet innocence and bossy lady vibes.

This Women's The Boys Starlight Deluxe Costume brings you as close to the Seven as possible without all the trouble. The dress is flattering and form-fitting without being too tight, so you can safely twirl as much as you want.

The underlayer of tulle will have you feeling like a superhero! Product Details This Women's The Boys Starlight Deluxe Costume won't give you laser eyes or the ability to fly, but it will make you feel super and heroic.

There's not a lot to Starlight's costume, but that doesn't mean it doesn't command a room. There's nothing bolder than wearing white, and gold is just an added confidence booster.

The costume is a printed dress, so you just slip it on and you're ready to go! Get ready to add some spins to your walkbecause this cape was made for flair.

Save the Day The color white represents innocence. It also shows the world that you're super bravenobody will challenge (to anything!

) you when they see you eating french fries with ketchup in this outfit! Forget laser eyes and flight, that's a real power move.

The cape will only add to your sense of confidence. Add a great pair of boots and get ready to take on the town.