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Adult Thing 1 & 2 Winter Hat & Scarf Kit

Mischief and Mayhem Rain or shine, Dr. Suess's two identical troublemakers never have any problem coming up with things to do - even if their kind of fun gets a little messy!

But when the weather turns chilly, they don't want to give up their rambunctious ways and be stuck in the house all day. Product Details Thanks to this exclusive, officially licensed Thing 1 & 2 Winter Hat and Scarf Kit for Adults, you can stay up to all of your tricks even when it's a little frosty outside!

The plush red scarf is printed with a "Thing 1" patch on one end, and a "Thing 2" patch on the opposite end. The aqua blue knit hat is decorated with a knitted-in Thing graphic and topped with a matching pom-pom.

Who's Up for Some Excitement? Let Dr.

Seuss's beloved characters inspire you to seek out adventure no matter what the weather is like! When you're bundled up in your cute winter set, you're sure to have a good time.


Black Sequin Flapper Shawl Accessory

Shimmy and Shine Youve been preparing for your 1920s party for a while. The flapper dress is picked.

A classic collection of jazz music has been assembled and you found a vintage phonograph to spin the jazz records. Most impressive of all, you signed yourself up for lessons to get a handle on the 1920s dance-party vibe.

Your Charleston is strong and your tango impressive, however, youre most excited to show off your shimmy. The simple dance fits the carefree atmosphere youre looking to encourage while you mingle with all your party guests.

But, while your gorgeous dress and accessories are sure to have all eyes on you, you want to ensure your shimmy shines! Product Details Layer this Black Sequin Flapper Shawl Accessory over your 1920s ensemble to really accentuate your jazzy moves!

The art deco-inspired shawl sparkles with gold and black sequined designs stitched onto its sheer fabric body. And a hook and loop closure at the neckline keeps the glitzy accessory secure around your shoulders for all your swell soirees!

Great Shakes Whether youre attending a Great Gatsby party or throwing a shindig of your own, youre sure to stand out from the crowd with this sequined shawl thrown around your shoulders. Make your jazz dance sparkle and your costume pop every time you shake or shrug!


Child Pumpkin Poncho

A Halloween Costume..

. From their very first Halloween, your child has been in love with wearing costumes.

From a wee little pig to a toddling toad and very excitable vampire, theyve given as many characters as possible a try. And as theyve grown up, your child has done everything they can to take even the most elaborate witches costume and make it their own.

The conversation every autumn isnt, what do you want to be? anymore.

Now when the leaves start to fall you simply wait to hear or see what your kiddo comes up with. This year, theyve asked if youd help them celebrate Halloween for the entire day, instead of just while trick-or-treating.

Since their costumes are usually over-the-top runway-ready ensembles, they dont translate well to the classroom or travel well to join you on errands, so you knew this would take a little bit more work. Your child would need something simple for their everyday routine, but festive enough to satisfy their love of the holiday, and, most importantly, fully capable of being transformed into a show-stopping look when they hit the neighborhood streets in the evening.

Product Details Add this Childrens Halloween Pumpkin Poncho to your childs closet and theyll be set for every casual and festive Halloween moment. The easy to wear orange poncho features a printed jack-o-lantern face and green collar thats shaped like pumpkin leaves so left alone this costume is perfect for school and any autumn activity.

With the addition of costume accessories, Halloween makeup, or any unique detail your costume loving child desires, this simple costume will prove its versatility by becoming whatever pumpkin-themed ensemble they want! .


But Make It Fashion Whether they need a simple canvas to create their own costume masterpiece with, or your Halloween-loving kiddo just wants to celebrate the holiday any day and any place, this Childrens Pumpkin Poncho is a must-have!

Daily Prophet Newspaper Hogwarts Print Lightweight Scarf

Get Your Headlines! Do you have five Knuts to spare for a copy of the Wizarding World's finest newspaper?

Rita Skeeter has just released a shocking article about the strange goat habits of Aberforth Dumbledore, and you won't want to miss it!(Don't worry, we also take Muggle money if you're out of Wizarding coin.

Just remember to pay your owl before it leaves! Fans of the Harry Potter universe will love wrapping this Daily Prophet Newspaper Print Lightweight Scarf around their shoulders.

No need to get the news; with this fashionable accessory, you ARE the news! Product Details This light, gauzy scarf features a collage pattern of different, ominous Daily Prophet headlines and clippings, all in black and white.

Several of them appear in the movies. Many are related to Voldsorry, You-Know-Who and his continuing rise to power.

Rumors of escapes from Azkaban, reports of Death Eather attacks, records of the Dark Mark spotted..

.all of these and more are featured on the fabric.

While some articles include pictures, we're afraid that this is a Muggle product, so the pictures will not move. However, if you do see movement in the corner of your eye.


well, the Ministry might need to pay a visit!

Deathly Hallows | Lightweight Scarf

Which Brother Are You? Which Hallow appeals to you most?

Forget the "right" answerwhich one is most tempting? Is it the Elder Wand, the most powerful wand in the world that can do extraordinary magic?

Is it the Resurrection Stone, with its ability to connect with those long passed? Or are you drawn to the Invisibility Cloak and the secrecy and safety it can provide?

No need to choose when it comes to this Deathly Hallows Lightweight Scarf! All three Hallows are represented in the iconic, triangular symbol of the Hallows.

You'll find Harry Potter fans wherever you go with this fashionable accessory around your neck! Product Details This gauzy scarf is perfect for any time of year!

Wear it alone in the summer, or tuck it under a heavier scarf when outdoors in the winter. The scarf's tan fabric resembles old parchment, and it is decorated in gold Deathly Hallows symbols, different styles of stars, and lightning bolts.

The two main decorations are in black to stand out on the brown and gold background. The Deathly Hallows symbol is one, decorated with artful lines and stars, while the second is a wand, also accompanied by stars.

Stylish and magical!

Deluxe Gryffindor Knit Scarf from Harry Potter

Points to Gryffindor It's funny that Gryffindor students always seem to be breaking the rules and yet they often come ahead at the end of the year. Remember when Harry, Ron, and Hermione were out after hours, took on a giant troll, and caused all sorts of destruction?

They came out of that scuffle with 10 points for Gryffindor. The same trio was constantly sneaking around without permission.

Heading to Hagrid's hut, into the Forbidden Forest, and into Hogsmeade with the help of Harry's invisibility cloak. They've broken laws.

They've broken curfew. They've broken into Professor Snape's exclusive potion supply cabinet.

How do Gryffindor students come out ahead after breaking all the rules? It's their bold nature!

Flaunt your inner red and gold when you slip this red and gold scarf around your neck. Product Details This striped red and gold scarf is ready to help you become a bold Gryffindor student!

The soft knit is the perfect accessory to top off any ensemble whether you're wearing your robes or your muggle street clothes. A Gryffindor badge is sewn onto one side to flaunt your house.

High-quality and comfortable, this Harry Potter scarf is sure to be your favorite accessory for years to come!