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1989 Batarang 6 Scaled Prop Replica from Batman

Coolest Weapon Around Superman might have laser vision and the ability to fly, but Batman has always had the most awesome gadgets. The Batmobile makes any car lover drool with envy, and his bat cave is stuffed to the brim with the most high-tech guns and weapons around.

But his best weapon by far isn't some kind of semi-automatic. It's his Batarang!

After all, most people can wield a standard gun or knife, but not many people can actually use a boomerang, let alone one shaped like a bat. Extra coolness points awarded!

Product Details Grab this Batman 1989 6" Scaled Batarang Prop Replica and go have some nostalic adventures! The black bat-shaped boomerang has sharp bladed edges (handle with care!

) The awesome display stand has a sturdy black base printed with Batman's logo and two clear mounts where the Batarang can proudly rest. Holy Fish Sticks, Batman!

This Batarang is the real deal! Unless Gotham is under attack, we strongly suggest leaving it on the stand for everyone to see and be jealous of you.

After all, once they know that you've got a Batarang, bad guys will give you a wide berth!


1989 Batman Batarang Prop Replica

The Most Versatile Tool Batman doesn't have superpowers. That means if he wants to take on the entire roster of villains running loose in Gotham City, he's going to need some gadgets.

And first on his list of crime-fighting tools has to be his trusty Batarang. One part ninja star and one part boomerang, it's the most versatile tool in his arsenal.

This batman 1989 Batarang Replica Prop will definitely be the most versatile accessory to add to your Batman costume! It's inspired by the one used by Batman in the 1989 Tim Burton film.

Product Details This officially licensed accessory is a must-have for anyone donning the Batsuit. The accessory is black and folds up into a small, compact form.

It also comes with a small display stand, so when you're all done cosplaying as Batman, you can display this handy little tool with the rest of your Batman collection.

Adult Boba Fett Star Wars the Black Series Helmet

Schrodinger's Cat ofStar Wars You know what happened to poor Boba Fett. After a lifetime of seeking vengeance for his father's death at the hands of the Jedi, the most dangerous Bounty Hunter in all of the galaxy met his end by being chucked into the Sarlaac Pit.

Yep, that big, ugly, tooth filled monster on Tatooin. Hardly a worthy demise for such a mighty Mandalorian, right!

? Well, here's the thing.

The Sarlaac digests its delicious tidbits very slowly over an incredibly long time. Even by the conclusion of the sequel trilogy, Boba has alot of time to escape.

Sorta like that old philosophy: until the box is opened, we never know what really happened to the cat, right!?

Well, it's about time to look in on old Boba! Product Details Bring Boba Fett's fate back to life when you bring home this officially licensed Boba Fett helmet.

This is a Black Series helmet that faithfully recreates the iconic bounty hunter's look. The helmet has an inner lining for comfortable wear but works just as well as a talking piece ofStar Wars memorabilia.

The design shows the battle-worn look of a helmet that has definitely seen better days..

. but isn't that what makes a Mandalorian helmet look so awesome!

? Boba's Back!

While everyone has been assuming that the Bounty Hunting Fetts were long gone, you'll soon prove that his memory is definitely alive. This helmet brings back all the best Boba Fett details and even makes us remember that if anyone could escape a Sarlaac, it'd be this guy!


Batman Arkham Knight - Nightwing's Escrima Stick Toy

Escrima, You Scream-a Not all of Batman and Nightwings time together was entirely professional. It was also good practice, though it is poorly documented, to go out into town together and just have some hangout time.

The good PR went a long way toward legitimizing the superheroes as Gothams patrons. The only downside for Batman was that Nightwing always wanted to do the same thing.

Every time they had to do a PR stunt, Nightwing would brandish his electrified batons and repeat his favorite rhyme: Escrima, You Scream-a, We All Scream-a for Ice Cream-a! It was silly, yes, but Batman never could deny the boy.

In fact, that pure excitement for ice cream became something he truly admired about Nightwing! Baton Down the Opposition If you want to non-lethally trounce some criminals, then this Batman Arkham Knight- Nightwings Escrima Stick is for you!

This weapon is Nightwings preferred method of dealing debilitating damage to his foes. Consisting of a plastic baton with LED lighting, this baton mimics the look of Nightwings electrified beaters perfectly.

It extends from twelve inches up to eighteen inches, so you can have that satisfying moment where you flick them out to full extension. You will love how this baton feels in your hands as you show off your Nightwing costume!


Batman Beyond - Prop Replica - Red Batarang

This is aBatman Beyond - Prop Replica - Batarang (Red).

Batman Grapnel Launcher from 1989 7 Scaled Prop Replica

The Best Bat Tool Batman has a ton of tools in his arsenal. Batarangs, utility belts, and every manner of detective tool that a superhero could ever need.

Of course, his most iconic tool is his grapnel gun. The grapnel gun, or sometimes "grapple gun," helps Batman sneak up on baddies, it helps him reach inaccessible locations, and it helps him look totally awesome while fighting crime.

For many, the 1989 version of the tool is the signature version of it..

. and now, you can add it to your cosplay!

Product Details This Batman 1989 Grapnel Launcher Prop Replica is a screen accurate recreation of the one seen in Tim Burton's movie adaptation of the DC superhero. The replica is a 1/1 scale and made out of molded plastic.

It features the black and gold color scheme from the movie. It even has a functioning "grapnel" action!

(The tool is intended as a prop and is not actually designed for use as a grapnel gun.)