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11 Inch Neon Light Trick or Treat Sign

Stop Right Here Whoever came up with the idea of giving candy away to cleverly dressed witches, wizards, firemen, ballerinas and more deserves a gold medal. Any day that you can offer a candy bar to a pint-sized cartoon character is a good one in our book!

Product Details Let trick-or-treaters know not to skip your house by putting out a welcoming 11-Inch Neon Light Trick or Treat Sign! The black rectangular sign is printed with two bats fluttering around the words "Trick or Treat" that are written in orange and purple lettering.

When activated, the sign lights up!


18 Inch Hanging Spirit Board Sign

Rules of Engagement There are rules to using a spirit board. First off, make sure that you're only talking to the nice ghosts.

If they're there for no good, they're supposed to let you know. Secondly, be careful with catfishing.

Some spirits have been known to pretend to be someone they're not. And most importantly?

Always, always say goodbye! Product Details Your home will look like that of someone who knows their way around a spirit board as soon as you hang this one and a half foot sign on your wall.

The aged black and white design looks like something out of the spiritual parlors of the early 1900s. All of the classic spirit board details are included such as the alphabet, yes, no, and most importantly, goodbye.

Hanging Out A timeless design that's ready to add a spooky touch to any Halloween display, this light weight board is ready to hang for many Halloweens to come!

23 Metal Freak Show Sign Halloween Decoration

Do You Dare to Be Scared? Walk right past the juggling acts, the acrobats, and the elephants, and head to the main attraction!

Before it begins, remember: Nothing's real. It's all smoke and mirrors.



Or is it? Product Details Let all of your guests know what they're in for by setting out this 23" Metal Freak Show Sign Decoration!

The metal sign looks like an old-fashioned circus billboard. It's decorated with colorful graphics, including an image of a clown wearing an evil grin surrounded by five-pointed stars.

The words "Freak Show: Performances Hourly" are printed below the clown.


24 Inch Metal Butcher Shop Sign

Meet Your Meat Psst. Don't go into that meat market.

There's something off about its butcher. Also, we've noticed that the people who go in rarely come out again - and if they do, they're usually missing a limb or two.

Product Details Send a gory warning by setting out with this 24" Metal Butcher Shop Sign Decoration! The vintage-looking sign is printed with images of two cleavers next to the words "Butcher Shop: Fresh Human Cuts Daily.

" The whole sign is streaked with orange-red details to look like oozing bloodstains.


26 Metal Dead End Halloween Decoration Sign

Travelers, Beware This place isn't on the map, but something about it doesn't seem right. Maybe it's how quiet the road is.

Maybe it's the oddly stained sign. Or maybe it's the hooded figure standing next to it with a bloody axe.

Yeah, that's probably it. Product Details Warn away the unwary with this 26" Inch Metal Dead End Sign!

The official-looking metal road sign is shaped like a diamond and printed with the words "Dead End" against a bright yellow background. It's smeared with orange-red drips and stains to resemble seeping blood.


Cute Greeting Sign for Halloween

This Way for Fun! Halloween has so many seasonal and sensational activities that you don't want to miss a single one.

A cute sign will help you to savor all that October has to offer! Product Details You'll smile every time you see this Cute Greeting Halloween Sign!

The wooden sign is painted white, orange and black and is backed with a sturdy stand that can be pushed securely into the ground. Printed decorations surround the headings, which include "Trick or Treating," "Pumpkin Picking," "Candy and Treats," and "Witches' Brew.