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1970's Gold Necklace

Sure, a polyester psychedelic-print jumpsuit, platform boots, a fringe or fro wig, and the right dance moves can all show off your 70s style this Halloween. But why not just scream it from the rooftop at the top of your lungs and make sure there is absolutely no question in anyones mind?

This 1970s Gold Necklace does just that! This swag makes it abundantly clear just what decadent decade youre dressed in, and its undoubtedly the hottest and hippest way to catch disco fever and keep it shining all night long.

The pendant necklace is actually made from cloth, but looks just like shining gold--how groovy (not to mention lightweight on the dance floor!) So dont delay, you cool cat; you better hustle if you hope to sling on this bling and show everyone at the disco just what kind of swinging style they are dealing with.

$5.99 $3.99

4 Butterfly 5 Pack Clip Set

The Bug with a Bite Butterflies are cute, sweet and innocent-looking..


except for the ones that feed on the deadly nightshade that grows in the local graveyard! There's something a little off about those fluttering, floating creatures.

Don't get too close, because they might have developed a taste for something stronger and darker than flower nectar. Product Details Be grimly gorgeous with this Gothic 4 Inch Butterfly 5 Pack Clip Set!

Five faux butterflies with outspread wings and antennae are attached to sturdy clips that slide easily into your hair. The wings look normal from a distance, but look closely and you'll see that each one is decorated with a scary skull print!

Who's Afraid? Usually there's no reason to be scared of a butterfly, but these fake bugs will only enhance your creepy costume!

If you're dressing as a possessed doll, a 19th Century vampire, or any other spooky being, skull butterflies are just the touch your outfit needs.


50s Pearl Set Costume Jewelry

Marc will totally ask you to go steady once he sees you in this 50s Pearl Set Costume Jewelry. Wear it to the next sock hop and show him how classy you can be.

Pearls are, after all, the most fashionable thing a woman can wear these days! A classy guy like Marc, of course, is looking for a real ladysomeone he can settle down and have a family with, someone he can paint a pick-it fence with, someone he can gather 'round the radio with.

And as my mother always says, real women bake a mean, delicious apple pie and always wear fine pearls! So how about you snap this around your neck and show him how ready to paint that fence you are!


Bats and Moon Costume Earrings

One Moonlit Night When the moon is out, the night seems much more magical. Anything could happen in the light of its silvery crescent: Witches could fly, pumpkins could glow, mysterious creatures could be spotted, and the best Halloween party of all could be starting right now.

Product Details Add some midnight mystique to your look with this Bats and Moon Earrings Accessory set! The earring pair featurs two large black charms shaped like matching crescent moons flanked by swooping bats.

They're attached to silver-tone fishhook earring backs. Batty for Cool Jewelry A really great pair of earrings not only looks good but pairs with multiple outfits!

This accessory set is amazing for complementing a witch, bat, vampire, monster, or sorceress ensemble, not to mention many other costume options. It's also looks striking when you wear it with your everyday clothes.

Halloween flair isn't just for parties alone, of course!


Bird Beak and Bones 15 Costume Necklace

Found Objects Have you ever discovered strange treasures while hiking in the woods? Maybe that was a doll propped up in a tree.

Or perhaps you found a bottle with a note rolled up inside. One thing is for sure, if you ever uncover a box with bits and bobs inside, close it back up and bury it in the exact spot you found it.

Disturbing any of those tiny details is sure to set off some horror movie style events in your life! The most popular forest treasure?

Animal bones. That's where a lot of animals live.

That's where they die. So it makes sense that those little bones are there, waiting for curious humans like you to investigate the intricacies of those tiny skeletons.

Now you can wear those haunting little discoveries around your neck this Halloween! Product Details This eerie aged bird necklace is the perfect piece to add to your witch or cave person costume.

Down to earth and gritty, the bird skull has a blackened beak and bones. It will add a spark of wonder and a shiver of fear to any ensemble.

This ancient-looking bone and skull necklace can be an accessory that you bring out for a range of costumes for Halloweens to come!

Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Necklace Accessory

Harlequin Rules What do you do when your supervillain boyfriend dumps you? Obviously you blow up a chemical plant, organize a team of women warriors, and get on with your life!

Changing up your look also helps mark the difference between the "boyfriend you" and the "new and improved you" - plus, it commemorates all of your exciting adventures! Product Details Who wouldn't love to look amazing while kicking some serious butt?

This officially licensed Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Necklace will help you complete the perfect antihero costume. The necklace has several strands of metallic chains and faux pearls, and features silver-tone charms including a dog bone engraved with the name "Bruce.

" A Less Terrible Person Your new friends make you want to be sort of better(ish), but they don't need to help you get a better fashion sense. It's already fantastic!

Put your hair up in high pigtails and get going! We don't recommend doing a swan dive into a chemical vat, though.