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Child Evil Jester Costume

I Want to Be a Clown You just werent prepared for it, were you? Your child rushed up to you with their puppy dog eyes and blurted it out.

I want to be an evil clown this year! You shuddered at the mere thought.

A clown. The most terrorizing being known to mankind.

They wear creepy clothes, they have creepy makeup, and theyre always laughing maniacally. Transforming your child into one feels so unsettling, but thats their Halloween wish and sometimes, you just have to go along with it to make sure that your child has an amazing experience.

If that means you have to get your child this terrifying evil jester costume, well then, thats just what you have to do! Product Details Lets face it.

This child evil jester costume is unsettling. You know it.

Your child knows it (and thats why they want to wear it). Everyone knows it.

If youre thinking about selecting it as a Halloween costume for your child, then just prepare to feel a constant air of fear coming from your child. The costume itself comes with a simple top that has a white and black checkered pattern on one half and a pitch black pattern on the other side.

The pants continue this look and feature an elastic band for fitting. The headpiece is an iconic jesters cap that even has bells on each end.

Scary for a Day When your child wears this jester costume, were quite sure that theyll be one happy (and creepy) clown. Just add some of our black and white makeup to your order to finish the look and you can make sure that your child looks like the most nightmarish clown in the history of clowns.

And dont worry. Once Halloween is over, you can hide the costume in a box, so your child cant randomly where it just to give you the willies!


Dark Jester Kid's Costume

Your little..



darling has a wicked sense of humor, always ready with smart, pointed joke or a well-placed prank. Things can get a little dark, but thats why you love em.

Sounds like he or she would enjoy, then, a dark take on a perennial classic. Your kiddos no fool; a classic jester costume has been done over and over again.

The Kids Dark Jester Costume, then, offers all the iconic aspects of a Renaissance entertainer..

.with a serious edge.

Lets not beat around the bush, here; this costume is, well, creepy. But your little laugh-maker has a fine flair for the dramatic.

And everyone loves a scare on Halloween, right? Of course, as soon as he or she puts on this black-and-white pants and shirt combo, youll want to set a few ground rules.

Trust us, youll thank us for the suggestions. 1) No telling his or her little sister shes gone color blind, since obviously the outfit is red and blue (thats just mean).

2) No putting on the molded mask and hood and popping up in bathroom mirrors behind you while brushing your teeth. 3) Actually, come to think of it, no putting on the molded mask and hood inside the house, period (shudder).

While it would certainly be scary to pull down the covers and find this dark jester resting where your little one does, this costume is bound to be a trick-or-treating hit. Just add black gloves and a jester cane for a completely evil look, and have em practice that evil laugh.


Evil Jester Costume for Kids

Jesters are fun, right?!

They're like if someone took a clown, an acrobat, and a stand up comedian, and squished them together into a one-man party starter. What if a little evil got mixed in there, too?

We don't want to think about how spooky that would be, but your kid can dress up in this Evil Jester Costume and spread some scares instead of laughs! Being an evil jester takes more than just a freaky outfit and mask.

It takes a mischievous attitude, and a real sense of what gives people the heebie jeebies. Your little scare-er can't expect to have everyone's hair standing on end on their first day.

Like anything worth doing right, it's going to take practice. But, evil jesters are more than just scary, otherwise they would just be regular old monsters.

They also have to be kinda funny, like they creep people out while making them laugh nervously as they back away. That's the really tough part of being a scary trickster.

We can't think of a good example of this (like we said before, we don't like thinking about how spooky they are) but once your kid is dressed up in this costume, we bet they'll figure out the perfect balance between silly and scary in no time. This costume is sure to add the right vibe to your little one's creepy court jester routine.

The black and red colors on the outfit seem innocent enough, but one look at the devilish skull mask will make everyone nervous about their next trick. Will they do a juggling act, or tell a joke, or something much more sinister?

Whatever it is, it'll be a scream!

Green Scary Jester Costume for Kids

When we first got this costume, we started wondering who jesters really were. Were they just the silly people in a royal court, dressed up in those ridiculous hats?

Our research has shown us that, no, they weren't silly people. Sure they made jokes, and sang, some even did magic tricks.

Some could even juggle balls, and perform great feats of acrobatics. And, one of their best talents was story telling.

They were actually quite respected by the royalty. But, what if a jester was a little off?

What if he didn't want to tell political jokes all day? Or, sing songs about great rulers of old?

What if the stories they wanted to tell were about the dead rising, or the end o the world? What if they wanted to juggle, only they didnt want to use something as mundane as balls, but rather something more nefarious?

Then you would have a scary jester. And, you know all about things being scary.

Your son is obsessed with scaring folks. And, every year he looks forward to Halloween, so he can scare people and not get yelled at.

So, this year get him this Child Green Scary Jester Costume. He can regale his classmates with scary stories, and some frightful songs.

Maybe, he can even do some magic tricks, like the old hole in the hand trick or show off a "mummy" finger. He'll be even more respected by even the coolest kids in the school.