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Gingham Hand Basket Accessory

Basket Full of Surprises Some fashions are, quite simply-put, bizarre. Being costume people though, we always like to try each new look.

We were still a bit surprised when basket handbags first came across our radar. We couldnt imagine why anyone would want to carry a basket to anything other than a picnic.

What improvement could a square-shape offer over a large Hobo bag? But then we remembered that fashion icons like Little Red Riding Hood and Dorothy Gale paired a basket with their signature ensembles.

So, we gave it a try. It all makes sense now!

The rigid shape, the natural aesthetic, the versatility. Baskets are a revelation and now you can delight in the trend with this Made By Us Gingham Basket Handbag!

Design and Details Get ready to skip down the road with your new favorite handbag! This exclusive costume accessory is ready to show you how great basket carrying can be with its sturdy frame and thoughtful design.

Carry all the necessities in the 9 X 6 X 5 body. Whether you carry snacks to grandmas house or just your wallet and phone, everything will be kept safe inside the red gingham lining and hidden zipper.

Versatile Basket Take a walk through the woods and share a well-packed snack with the big bad wolf. Whirl away over the rainbow with your mini-pup safe at your side.

Or simply give a wacky new trend a try, with this Gingham Basket Handbag!
$14.99 $19.99

The Nightmare Before Christmas Metallic Print Handbag

This is aThe Nightmare Before Christmas Metallic Print Handbag.