Han Solo Costumes

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Hoth Han Solo Costume for Men

What do you do when you set up shop at a Rebel base on the Ice World Hoth? Easy.

You put on a brown anorak. The thick polar jacket is sure to keep you warm in the inhospitable climate of Hoth, and the fur-lined hood will help keep your face warm when you've got it flipped up.

And the brown color will look great with your blaster belt! Okay, okay.

We know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "This is a Han Solo jacket.

It looks just like Han's jacket from Empire Strikes Back. But I thought he had a blue coat!

?" Well, you're right.

And you're wrong. You see, due to the postproduction color grading of the film, the coat appeared navy blue on screen, although, in reality, it was indeed brown.

Which means this anorak is a match! This costume set not only includes the iconic jacket that Han Solo wore, but it also comes with pants,mukluk style boot covers, and all the other standard-issue Rebel gear to recreate the look from when he was on the ice world in Star War The Empire Strikes Back.

The hat,gloves, wrist cuffs, scarf, and soft molded belt are all replicas items that add depth and detail to this elite costume. Take this costume for a spin on Halloween, or recreate your favorite scenes in perfect character cosplay.

Just remember to give your friends a snarky "Then I'll see you in hell!" when they tell you you'll never make it past the first marker!


Womens Han Solo Costume Star Wars Character

Shoot First Sure, you could wait. You could sit there, chilling inside the Mos Eisley cantina, biding your time while Greedo finishes his stupid speech.

You could let him insult you, then just stare at him blankly as he tries to extort credits out of you. You could even let him make the first move.

You could let him take the first shot. But why would you?

All you need to do is pull that trigger to shut him up. It buys you a little time to gather up that cash for Jabba and its not like anyone in the cantina will even care.

Theyll just about business as normal after you blast Greedo in his smug face. Shoot first.

Always. Are you a shoot first, kind of girl?

Then perhaps its time you stepped into the lucrative career of galactic smuggling, like Han Solo, the cheeky scoundrel from Star Wars. All you need is debonair attitude and the right outfit.

Product Details This womens Han Solo costume gives you an outfit that perfectly capture the look and attitude of the Star Wars character. It comes with a pull-on shirt that has an attached black vest.

It also comes with pair of pants with printed designs along the side and a pair of attached boot tops that you can wear over your favorite boots. To top it all off, the costume comes with a belt and holster.

Be sure to pick up a toy blaster to place in the holster, since you cant shoot first unless you have a blaster of your own. Bring Chewie Along for the Ride This iconic costume makes for a great solo costume (sorry, pun intended), but it also makes for a great group, or couples Star Wars look!

Just pair this outfit up with one of our many Chewbacca costumes to finish the look.