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10 Witches & Cauldron with Static Lighted Magic Ball Halloween Decoration

A Spellbinding Sight So, Halloween has come and gone again, huh? We're sorry, friend.

We know how much you love the season, with its pumpkin decorations, decked-out haunted houses, costume parties, and scary movie fests. For you, every time Halloween passes it's like a slow and arduous countdown to its arrival again next year, and you can't help but already start planning your next costume or party theme.

If only there was a way to keep the spirit of the Halloween season alive year-long, without too much of a fuss. But wait!

ThisWitches & Cauldron Magic Ball may be just the thing to help with Halloween-itis. At only 10 inches tall, you can place it on a table or desktop without much ado, and then draw from its magical energy whenever you need a pick-me-up.

Next year, when Halloween rolls around, you'll already have a table centerpiece for your new party theme witches and dark magic! Design & Details This cool little decoration features 3 green-faced witches, topped in black pointy caps and wearing classic black robes.

They hover over a black cauldron with a bat on the front, and on top of the green bubbles is a static lighted ball. It's a truly electrifying piece of decor!


10.5 Inch Digger the Dog Skeleton

The Story of Candy Candy was an adorable terrier, who, like many dogs, loved to chew on bones. She also loved trick-or-treating with her kids on Halloween.

One fall, she heard a legend that said if a dog could find a magical bone buried under a certain oak tree and dig it up on the full moon, they would live for a long time. By the light of the moon, Candy found the bone.

She did indeed live a long and happy life, but the magic was even stronger than the legend said. On the Halloween after she turned 100 in dog years, the power of the bone and the moon combined turned Candy into a skeleton dog so she could enjoy Halloween forever!

Candy lives to this day, chewing on her bone and guarding trick-or-treaters every Halloween! Product Details Now you can have Candy help guard your home with this 10.

5-Inch Digger the Dog Skeleton Prop! This friendly terrier, complete with her bone, is the perfect prop to complete your Halloween decorations.

If youre lucky, you may even hear her howl her song to the full moon!

10-Inch Wooden Halloween Gnomes Decoration

In the Gnome In a lot of cases, gnomes are creepy. In this case, they are adorable.

If you want to spice up your yard this Halloween, check out this Wooden 10" Halloween Gnomes Decoration. The wooden gnomes look as great in your living room as in your garden.

The best part about these gnomes, you don't even have to catch them. Pick up thisWooden 10" Halloween Gnomes Decoration before they all scatter!


12.5 Perched Skeleton Halloween Parrot Prop

Bony Birdbrain In our research, weve learned that many stereotypes about historical figures arent terribly accurate. For example, even though we think of knights plate armor as super heavy, it actually weighed less than what the modern soldier carries into combat!

However, one stereotype that seems firmly rooted in reality is the image of a pirate with a parrot on their shoulder. Parrots were easy to obtain in tropical regions, small enough to keep on a ship, and even provided entertainment if you could teach them to talk.

So, if youre going to put up any spooky pirate-themed decorations this year, youll need a skeleton parrot to go with them! Product Details Whether you need a bony parrot to go with your undead pirate costume or you just want your home to have the air of a haunted ship at sea, this 12.

5-Inch Perched Parrot will do the trick! Hang it anywhere you need some extra creepiness.

Youll love having this spooky bird around for the season! (Although we never were able to get it to ask for a cracker.


13.6 Black Light Spooky Ghostly Spider Skeleton

Attack of the Glowing Bugs Spiders = terrifying. Giant spiders = Extra terrifying.

Giant skeleton spiders with fangs and who glow in the dark = oh wow, there are no words to describe how horrifying this is. Who thought this was a good idea?

Send help immediately. Thank you.

Product Details Turn your home into a nightmare scenario courtesy of this 13.6 Inch Black Light Ghostly Spooky Spider Skeleton!

The decoration is made of plastic and has a skeletal abdomen, legs, and skull. When placed under black light, it glows!


14 Inch Black Cauldron Halloween Decoration

Recipe for Disaster We scoured issues of Good housekeeping and Bon appetite and yet we weren't able to find any good recipes for spooky potions for you to mix up this Halloween. So we had to take bits and pieces of potions for literature.

This being said, we're not sure exactly what kinds of magic this will whip up. It could end in disaster, it could end in fame and fortune, and it could just end in a big mess.

Either way, we're curious to see what happens when you put these ingredientstogether. So first, add a little holy water.

Then a pinch of lavender and ginger. Thirdly you'll want one bat wing and one vial of dragon's tears.

Umm, wait, you don't have access to either of those ingredients. We don't want to even ask about newt's eyes, we like amphibians too much.

Maybe you should just pop a fog machine in this black cauldron and watch the magic happen, no magic animal parts needed! Product Details This black cauldron has a large handle and feet to keep your cauldron steady.

Fill the fourteen-inchcauldron with candy or add some spook to the atmosphere with black ice or a smoke machine. In the Mix Are you ready to add some atmosphere to your Halloween party?

This cauldron will add a little more spookiness to even the cheeriest apartment. You might not have invested in bat wings or dragon tears but this cauldron is sure to make your place look just like a witch's lair!