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1 Gallon Outdoor Ground Fog Fluid

Here Come the Spirits Every experienced ghost hunter knows that one of the most common signs of ghost activity is a creepy fog drifting across the ground. Unfortunately, you can't always get a ghost to produce the fog on command, so sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

Product Details Create a super spooky special effect with this bottle of Outdoor Low Lying Fog Fluid! The gallon container can be used in most standard fog machines.

Be sure to follow the instructions and use it outdoors for best results.


10 Orange Pumpkin Figure

Subtle and Spooky Youve done the haunted house thing. One year you even turned your gorgeous green lawn into a barren, fog-covered graveyard, complete with plastic bones jutting out of the dirt.

You want to try something more subtle. And were here to suggest a shop-front.

Not the face of just any shop, though. Think vintage!

More of Ye Olde Shoppe than the cute boutique you admire on your way to work. In fairy-tales and spooky fireside stories, the shopkeep is always a little suspicious.

Are they really a barber? Where did they get those perfumed ointments and dried herbs?

Its hard not the think the humble character isnt hiding something, especially when that swinging sign above their door creaks in the still night. That eerie sound is the perfect soundtrack to the story, a tell-tale tone that hints that something scary is around the corner, and a must-have piece of the puzzle.

Product Details Skip traditionally spooky Halloween decorating this year and add this Orange Pumpkin Figure to your design! With this 10-inch sign hung near your front door, youll have the quaint but spine-chilling detail every good scary story needs.

Two metal chains hold a ceramic pumpkin that looks great with any fall dcor. Black arrow base is sold separately.

Pleasing Pumpkin Create a fall or Halloween display unique to you with this 10 Orange Pumpkin Hanging Figure! Whether youre looking for a sign to hang all season, or a subtle new way to spook trick-or-treaters, this pretty pumpkin is sure to please!


100 UL Purple Indoor/Outdoor Light Set

Orange You Glad..

. .


you didn't pick orange? Hear us out!

Halloween always leaves people seeing orange. And don't get us wrong, we love orange.

We understand why traditional holiday colors can have such appeal. Red and green for Christmas.

Red and pink for Valentine's Day. Red, white, and blue for the 4th of July.


.there's something equally magical about stepping outside of the box and going your own way when it comes to holiday decorating.

This Purple Indoor/Outdoor Light Set still says "Happy Halloween" with the best of them, but it does so in a subtly more unexpected way. Long thought of as the secondary color of Halloween, purple holds a lot of appeal, especially when festooned on a bare tree branch, wrapped around your porch, or lining your front door.

Purple is a little mysterious, a bit cool and dark and dangerous, and the long-favored hue of witches worldwide (something about it being a complementary color to green). So hang these purple lights with pride and prepare for a Halloween just as unforgettable if not more so than one decked out in orange.

Design & Details This is a classic string light set, with 100 bulbs and measuring about 25 feet long. You can connect up to 5 sets together for a true Halloween purple-palooza!

$9.99 $18.99

10FT Jumbo Throwing Up Ghost Inflatable Halloween Prop

Oh, Gross! Clearly, this spirit is feeling a bit ill.

He must have eaten too much Halloween candy and it's causing him an upset ectoplasm. Maybe he watched too many gory horror films and now he's queasy.

Whatever the reason, you'd better stand back! This 10FT Jumbo Throwing Up Ghost Inflatable Decoration will have visitors and passersby howling with laughter!

The decoration shows a wide-eyed ghost vomiting a tentacled stream of green "goo." You'll have to get a really big bucket and mop to deal with all of the cleanup!


10FT Tall Arch Inflatable Spooky Tree Decoration

Set the Stage Striking the right tone with your Halloween decorations is a delicate balance! You want to make sure you set a fun scene, but also make sure that it's spooky enough to be worthy of the holiday.

A haunted tree with its ghostly neighbors seems just right! Product Details Adventure lies beyond for those who will brave this 10ft Tall Spoky Tree Arch Inflatable Decoration!

The sturdy inflatable decoration is shaped like two spiky brown trees that twine in the middle. One tree has a yellow face, and each features various ghost, witch, and pumpkin friends.


10-Inch Lighted Blazing Scenes Decoration

Great Skulls of Fire Halloween is right around the corner, so you know what that means, right? In with the macabre and out with the mundane.

Its time to break out all the classic Halloween decorations you set up around your place every year. However, you dont want to stop there.

Youve got to keep up with everyone else in the neighborhood. So its always good to add a few new decorations to the mix.

This 10 Inch Blazing Skull Light-Up Decor will be the perfect addition to your home this time around. Its not just your average spooky prop.

This decor has the ability to spit out hellfire! Well, not really.

Its more like this prop projects a fiery light, but still. It looks as awesome as it is haunting.

Is this skull suddenly appearing from the deepest darkest fire pit of hell? Your guests this Halloween will never know!

Product Details This plastic decoration plugs in with the attached cord. The skull measures to be approximately 14inches long and 10inches tall.

Once you plug the skull into a wall outlet, the hellish light will project from the backside of the skull. Instructions are included to answer any questions you may have about this product.