Girl's Pirate Costumes

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Caribbean Toddler Pirate Girl Costume

Yawrrrrrgg! It looks like its a pirate's life for this little one!

If she's ready to lift anchor and set sail into the seven seas, the first step will be to get her outfitted like a real buccaneer. So grab her this Caribbean Toddler Pirate Girl Costume and your kiddo will be ready for any adventure that comes her way this Halloween.

With this spunky, fun costume, shell be ready to become the cutest pirate to ever sail the ocean blue. In no time she will have gathered up more treasure than Calico Jack and Blackbeard combined.

Her fleet of ships will be the largest the world has ever seen. Her crew will have an unmatched amount of respect for her and an unwavering loyalty.

How will all this be possible? Well, when your youngster is dressed up in this adorable Pirate Girl Costume, no one will be able to say no to her.

Instead of ruling the seas with fear, she will use her cuteness to reign supreme as a Pirate Queen! Look through our adult and other child pirate costumes, and the whole family can sail around the neighborhood as the friendliest crew of candy-loving pirates for Halloween.

Prepare your tiny tyke for the adventure of a lifetime with this Caribbean Pirate Costume! It comes with everything included in the picture, but we would suggest taking a look at our pirate weaponry.

Being a pirate is so much more fun when you have a shiny sword to swing around!

Toddler Girls Pirate Costume

Avast me hearties! When the doctor put your little girl in your hands for the first time you knew you where holding the best treasure in the world.

And when she smiled, you knew there would be nothing worth more to you than her happiness. And you got excited that you could play like a kid again, with the best partner ever.

When she turned three you started to teach her to talk like a pirate. You taught her the "Yo ho," song.

Your wife wasnt too impressed with that one, but you still caught her smiling at your daughter. You read her Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island for a bed time story.

You used the light sabers her uncle had given to her to teach her how to sword fight. Now all you need is to put her into this Toddler Girls Pirate Costume.

This will complete her training as your first mate. She is the only one, since the day she was born, that you would trust as your first mate.

She never tells you that the couch is just a couch. No, she just jumps on the makeshift pirate ship, and yells "Land ho," jumping down to fight for treasure.

All the while she is swinging her light saber around the seven seas, she is laughing, and smiling. And you would play pirates everyday, because your first mate's happiness is worth more than all the pirate gold in the world.