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12 Foot Giant Hanging Light Up Ghost Halloween Decoration

Dead but Not Departed Do you ever get the sense that you're not alone in your house, or that another presence has its eye on you? It turns out that you were absolutely right.


and that the specter was waiting for Halloween to reveal itself! Product Details Give your home its on personal spook by adding this 12 Foot Giant Hanging Light Up Ghost Decoration!

The decoration is shrouded in white, and the hidden frame is shaped to look like a specter stretching out its arms toward its next victim. Its head is fitted with two glowing "eyes.


13 Inch Three Ghosts Arrow Figure

Soul of the Operation When you and two lifelong pals decided to open up a small Halloween shop, you knew one thing for sure. Customers like to know precisely with whom they're shopping.

The problem is even the liveliest proprietor can't always be seen. So, you and your spirited co-owners considered using a quirky name that would explain who was working behind the veil.

Each idea rattled your chains, though, and you were left wondering. What else is an entrepreneurial ghost to do to ensure that the clientele could see and get to know the soul of the operation?

We're glad you stopped by to see your fellow Halloween experts because we have the perfect solution! Product Details Let the world know what kind of lively individuals are running the show when you hang this Three Ghosts Arrow Sign Figure at your entrance!

The resin sign figure is thoughtfully carved and painted to depict three spooky cute spirits with classic ghost facial expressions and a bell around their necks. Two short chains are attached to the top of the sign to make hanging quick and simple.

With the 13-inch figure hung from a separately sold arrow bracket available in our selection, any visitor can get a glimpse of who's in charge, even when you're nowhere to be seen!

20 Scary Ghost Boo Breakers Decoration

Walkin' through, walkin' through Unbroken glass! The ghostly lifestyle has its ups and downs.

Sometimes it can be a little bit lonely. Every time you want to hang out in the land of the living, people yelp and run away.

Ghosts have reported missing snacking and sipping beverages, that's why they often stack dining room tables and leave kitchen cupboards open. Then again, ghosty life has it's upsides too.

For one, you get to float around. Who doesn't want to fly?

Then again, being able to walk through solid surfaces is pretty great as well! No need to deal with doors ever again.

How cool is that? Do you want to flaunt your resident ghost having a great time with his undead powers?

This ghost window cling decoration is a great way to celebrate the upside of haunting the land of the living! Product Details It's easy to put together this spooky ghost decoration.

Simply suction one half of this ghost to the interior of your window and the other half to the outside of the window. Staying put through all of the spooky season, this ghost is sure to delight neighbors and trick-or-treaters through all of Halloween!

Basically, this decoration is a great way to have a happy haunting!

3' Hanging Female Ghost Prop

An All-Out Halloween Going all-out with your Halloween decorating? You know we're all about it!

Whether your Halloween includes a full-blown haunted house every year or you prefer a lowkey graveyard out front to greet trick-or-treaters, Halloween decor is important. Ok, maybe not "important" in the grand scheme of things, but if you're a serious Halloween enthusiast, it's a doggone big deal!

That's why our team of designers set out to start making exceptionally scary Halloween decor pieceslike this 3 Ft Hanging Ghost Halloween Prop! You know that graveyard wouldn't be quite right without a few ghosts floating above the tombstones, so the ghostly visage of this hanging female ghost will be a professional touch.

Come to think of it, you might want to have 2 or 3 or 4 of them hanging from the trees above your faux graveyard! An indoor/outdoor prop, this Hanging Female Ghost will also work great in a porch, an entryway, or to decorate the interior of your haunted home.

A room full of these 3-foot ghosts might be a nice touch to your haunted house! Be sure to shop all of our exclusive Halloween decorsto assemble a scene that's affordable and shipped right to your door.


32 Inch Hanging Ghost

Props to the Poltergeist You know those shows where there's a team of people exploring a supposedly haunted area? We like the conceptbut we think it could be done better.

For instance, when some ghost hunting professional shows up, they could be much kinder. Instead of demanding to know their name and asking them to speak they could play some music and dance around, bringing some life back into the ghost's afterlife.

Well, now that we think about it, ghostly performances could be a brand new show. America's Next Top Phantom, which specter is going to wail the best?

Which spirit will thrill us with its ghostly grooves? Find out in next weeks haunting finale!

Basically, we think that ghosts deserve respect for what they do best! Product Details If you're ready to invite this friendly spirit into your decor this Halloween, you won't regret it.

This thirty-inch ghost won't slam doors in the middle of the night or pile all the chairs in your dining room on the table. It will just hang out on your porch or in your house, getting your family and the neighborhood kids pumped for the upcoming Halloween season!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Ghost So, we've called around. Turns out there's not much of a market for an afterlife talent show.

Something about the ghosts being invisible takes away from the TV entertainment factor. Still, it's time that we invite more spooks into our lives.

They shake things up, make life more interesting. After all, Halloween is for the haunted!


3-Foot Hanging Faceless Ghost Animatronic

Original Scare Tactic Though there are SO many good Halloween icons to choose from, but you can't argue that the ghost is the original haunted Halloween hero. Well, youcould argue it, but you would likely lose.

Ghost stories, ghost towns, ghost hunting, ghost encounters..

.the paranormal has been captivating lovers of the dark arts for generations.

But we thought it was time the white-clothed ghost got a bit of an upgrade worthy of the modern haunted house. After all, it's easy to pass up a simple ghost in favor of a flashy serial killer, a winsome witch, or a realistic skeleton.

But it's pretty hard to deny the power and terror of this Animatronic Hanging Faceless Ghost Decoration! It captures the nostalgic feeling of encountering a great ghost story as a kid, but it's made for the sophisticated scare-lover you've grown into.

Design & Details Motion, sound, and lights come together to bring this horrific hanging ghost to life. When activated, this 3-foot phantom's skeletal arms try to break out of its chains, it begins to emit the most tortured, haunting cries of agony and grief, and its eyes light up red (but you can't see its face!

). A tattered & stained white gauzy robe completes the piece for a most effective and unforgettable greeting for your guests.