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Adult Rainbow Wings

Bring the Good Times People have probably told you before that you have a "colorful personality." You might have a unique sense of humor, get a lot of enjoyment out of little things, and have something interesting or unexpected to say at any event.

You bring a lot of life to a party, but people might not always know how colorful your personality really is until you open your mouth. Why not let them know in advance?

Product Details Show your true colors with a set of Rainbow Wings for Adults! The wings are made of a stiff frame covered by hundreds of small feathers in shades of pink, yellow, blue, green, orange, red and purple.

Elastic shoulde bands keep them securely strapped to your back. Rainbow Connection Are you planning an angel, fairy, or Cupid outfit?

Do you just want to bring a little spice to an otherwise normal day? These wings are your solution!

$16.99 $14.99

Adult Royal Blue Furry Boot Covers

Everyone goes through their cosmetic rituals when they are getting themselves shined and proper for a night on the town. No judgment, here!

We know it can be difficult with all those lofty expectations from those in the dating pool. So concerned with any body hair being at all the wrong color, length It has to be exhausting and its not fair.

We believe whole-heartedly that you should be your own you and embrace that! That said, a little cosmetic aid for your own enjoyment is A-OK and we are here to support all of those needs.

So, when you are getting ready to get out on the town and your leg fur just isnt cooperating and hasnt grown to the monstrous length or given the shimmering azure shade that youve been working towards, you know that you can turn to us and make good use of the Royal Blue Furry Boot Covers. No longer will you need to wear long pants to cover your legs when your fuzzy monster hair just isnt cooperating.

Stay warm and regal while youre doing your Monster Mash!

Bald Cap

No Hair Day That lush mane on top of your head has its perks, but being quick to style is not one of them! If you're getting ready for a costume party, you can't neglect your hair: You've got to wash it, comb it, tease it, spray it, and complete a bunch more styling steps.

It's enough to make you want to cut it all off - or just look like you did! Product Details Going bald never looked so good as when you wear your exclusive Bald Cap for Adults!

The light-flesh-colored latex bald cap fits over your head to help hide your real hair. You Young Whippersnappers!

It's true that older generations aren't the only ones to go - or choose - baldness, but half the fun of having no hair is getting to act like a crotchety grandpa. If your bald cap is meant to complement your geriatric costume, have a blast chasing people off of your lawn and telling long-winded, "Back inmy day" stories!


Black Dramatic Wing Eyelashes w/ Glue

Expressive Eyes A huge part of communication is not about the words youre actually saying. Your tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language make up most of your message.

Thats part of the reason that stage actors wear such over-emphasized makeup and use exaggerated gesturesso that even those in the back row can catch the full meaning of their lines. If youre more up close, you can convey lots of meaning with your eyes.

So if you need to make sure your point gets across, you might want something that exaggerates what your eyes are sayingand thats where dramatic lashes come in! Product Details If you want to be sure youre being seen and heard, try these Black Dramatic Wing Eyelashes with Glue.

They come not only with the glue youll need to keep them on but also with instructions in case youre new to the world of gluing things to your eyelids. You can trim them to fit your unique eye shape, and even reuse them for your next party or makeup look!

Theyre sure to add some dramatic flair to any costume that needs it. Whether youre dressing as royalty, a magic wielder, or a rock star, these lashes will give you the expression youre looking for!


Child Blue Tutu

Does your little one have a knack for playing friendly pranks around the house? Does she seem to get a kick out of hiding your car keys or, maybe, leading you on a wild goose chase from time to time is more her specialty?

Well, if she is always pulling these harmless pranks on you then you may not have a human child on your hands. In fact, she may be a mythical fairy!

According to the folklore, fairies enjoy toying with us humans. Although some of them take it a bit far and enjoy, more so, our suffering and the hardships they can cause.


Yikes! Maybe you can teach your fairy child how to play nice before the teens years hit.

Anyways, if you want your little fairy to truly feel like the tiny mythical woodland creature, that she very well may be, then start with helping her look like her legendary ancestors. This Child Blue Tutu will be a great start for any fairy costume!

Add a set of butterfly-like wings as well as a pair of sky blue slippers to match her tutu and she's set to go out and be the best fairy she can be.

Child Springtime Fairy Costume - Pink Fairy Toddler Costumes

Do You Believe in Fairies? Did you know that a belief in fairies has been a worldwide thing for centuries?

The strongest traditions of fairies are those from the British Isles and Europe, but belief in fairies has also been found in Asia, Native America, and Africa! Reputed to be a species of supernatural beings or nature spirits, fairies are actually one of the most important - and beautiful!

- mythological concepts. Belief in fairies is ancient and widespread, and ideas about them have been found in primitive as well as civilized societies.

And we gotta be honest with you - theyre such fun, magical, fascinating creatures, that even if its not true, were gonna choose to believe in the stories about them, anyway! Considered to be mischievous and whimsical in a childlike manner but contain strong magical powers, fairies are often said to be invisible, usually of smaller stature than humans, and are often helpful to humans, but will become angry and throw tantrums if offended.

Sound like anyone you know?!

Product Details If your little darling looks and acts like she appeared straight out of her own fairy tale, then this Halloween, give her the kind of costume that will make her feel right at home with those magical, mischievous pixies! This Child Springtime Fairy Costume is a 100% polyester pink dress is a pure magical confection, featuring light and dark green and pink sheer petals on the shoulders and waist!

It also has boasts the cutest little pink and light orange wings, attached to the back of the dress. The costume even comes with a green elastic headpiece that will make her feel like the queen of the fairies!

Add a pretty, sparkly, sequined wand and cute little ballet slippers, and watch your little magical creature fly away on her own glittery fairy dust!