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10 Foot Giant Santa Inflatable Christmas Decoration

Ho Ho Ho! Santa Claus is coming to town!

Actually, Santa has already arrived in town, and he's larger than life in every sense of the word! He wants to make sure that everyone is excited for Christmas and filled with seasonal cheer.

Do you mind if he hangs out at your place for a while so that he can spread some holiday joy? Product Details Ring in the holidays with an exclusive Giant 10 Foot Santa Inflatable Christmas Decoration!

The decoration is easy to inflate and looks like an enormous, smiling Santa Claus complete with white beard, red suit, and pointed red hat. Use stakes and cording to secure it to the ground.

Jolly Old St Nicholas It's a good thing that the real Santa isn't quite this huge - imagine the size of the reindeer that he would need to pull his sleigh! One plate of cookies wouldn't be enough, either.

You'd probably have to leave the whole jar near the fireplace on Christmas Eve. Fortunately, this Kris Kringle is just a scale representation of your enthusiasm for the most wonderful time of the year.


Animal's Arctic Express Holiday Decoration

Christmas Spirit Express You observe all the holidays as they pass on the calendar. Those which call for cookouts get a barbecue, and those only asking for a nod or moment of your time get precisely that.

Then there are the holidays that demand a show. Halloween is granted its front yard cemetery and glowing jack-o-lanterns.

Even Thanksgiving gets a festive display or, at the very least, a change of tablecloth featuring turkeys. However, if you had your way, you'd skip all of them consistently and simply celebrate Christmas year-round!

The lights, the colors, the scents, and the tastes would all fill your home and garden with so much festivity no one would even remember how a typical winter day looked. You'd whisk everyone away on a magical journey directly to Santa's workshop and the most impressive holiday spirit!

Design & Details Make your Christmas wish a reality! Whether displayed year-round or kept away until autumn leaves, our exclusive Animal's Arctic Express Outdoor Christmas Decoration shouts to any passerby all aboard to Christmas spirit!

The Made By Us inflatable decoration comes with everything needed for set-up. Eight ground stakes and tethers ensure the 4-foot-tall decoration stays secured.

Meanwhile, an attached fan keeps Santa and his arctic pals plump and smiling when plugged into standard US outlets. Lights inside the inflatable glow merrily when plugged in as well.

Order yours today to make the quick trip from everyday to holiday!

Candy Cane 17 Pathway Markers Light String

Welcome to the North Pole Santa's home base must be a magical place! We imagine rows and rows of beautifully decorated toy factories, toboggan-shaped street cars, shimmering skating rinks, and Christmas trees galore.

Since it's an enchanted spot, some of the street markers must be edible, right? Make your home look like St.

Nicholas's with this adorable 17" Candy Cane Pathway Marker Light String! The six red-and-white-striped lights are shaped like candy canes and can be staked into the ground thanks to the stakes that come with them.

When you plug them in via the attached cord, they look good enough to eat!


Inflatable Holiday North Pole Scene Decoration

Winter Wonderland Ho ho ho! It's Christmas and Santa is overflowing with the spirit of the season.

He's been waiting all year long for the opportunity to deck out the North Pole in amazing colors and twinkle light displays. Everyone else thinks it's just the Northern Lights, but it's really the reflection of Santa's enthusiasm.

Product Details The magic of Christmas is alive and well thanks to this exclusive North Pole Holiday Scene Inflatable Decoration! Made of sturdy nylon, the piece comes with stakes and cording.

When fully inflated, it measures approximately ten feet long and includes blown-up figures such as Santa, a snowman, a hat-wearing penguin, colorful presents, and a sign that reads "North Pole." Use it indoors or outdoors!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Whether you're going all out with a huge holiday party or keeping it cozy with quiet nights in to enjoy the Christmas tree, you'll love having this festive scene to help make things merry and bright. Santa is happy to make an early visit to your home since it's such a a good cause.

All he asks is that you have some milk and cookies in his honor.


Santa in the Chimney Animated Holiday Decoration

Ho Ho Hoax Sliding into a chimney to deliver presents is exciting, but Santa only recently realized how hilarious it is to pop outof a chimney to startle unsuspecting passers-by! Do you mind if he hangs out in your chimney this Christmas season to perform his own festive take on the jump-scare?

The elves at the North Pole are used to it by now, so they're no fun to startle. Product Details Be the first house on the block to have a visit from St.

Nicholas! This exclusive Animated Santa in the Chimney Christmas Decoration inflates to look like a snow-capped, red brick chimney from which a bearded, red-suited Santa Claus pops out periodically.

Two wrapped present inflatables are attached to the chimney's right side. Santa's Coming to Town There's nothing that Santa loves more than delivering the presents he and the elves have so painstakingly made to all of the good boys and girls around the world.

Because his magic makes him lightning-fast and keeps him on schedule, there's no reason that he can't spend a little time making his chimney exit. 'Tis the season to enjoy yourself!


Trucker Santa Christmas Decoration

The Snow Must Go On There's been a Christmas blizzard to end all blizzards! When Rudolph and crew tried to land to deliver presents, they got stuck in an enormous drift!

Santa Claus would never let anything stop him from giving children everywhere a merry Christmas, so he's ready to improvise with the best vehicle he can find. Product Details You'll get a festive chuckle out of seeing this Trucker Santa Christmas Delivery Decoration!

The piece is made of sturdy nylon and comes with stakes and cording. It can be set up indoors or outdoors as desired.

When fully inflated, the decoration resembles a white-bearded Santa Claus driving a red tractor and pulling a striped wagon. A smiling elf rides in the back on top of an inflated fir tree.

Not Just for Farming No matter what the weather, Kris Kringle is sure to arrive on time with his presents in tow! If he can pilot a swooping sleigh pulled by magical reindeer, he can definitely drive a tractor with the best of them.

This fun decoration is sure to become a beloved staple of your holiday season.