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Realistic Chimp Mask

Look, we know what you're thinking..

.you're expecting us to make a lot of monkey puns, aren't you?

You're expecting us to say a bunch of stuff about how everyone's going to go "ape" over this Chimp Mask, or how, when you wear this mask to your next party, people are going to go positively "bananas". Well, guess what: we're not gonna do that!

Wanna know why? Because we respect ourselves.

We've evolved! This is the 21st Century, and we live in a civilized society, not a zoo!

You might think we're just a bunch of baboons, toddling around the office, beating our hands against our keyboards like a pack of chimps, but we've got sore news for you, pal..

.this isn't the circus, and we aren't your dancing monkeys, capisce?

(Yeah, that's right..

.we know some Italian!

Can't be a monkey brain and know foreign languages, now can you?) But if you're cool with being compared to an ape, then you should get this fantastically realistic looking, detailed Chimp Mask!

The jaw even moves when you talk! You know - when you speak real words, like a person, like we do!