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Birthday Cake Fun to be One Toddler Hat

Turning Fun There is no such thing as too much excitement when it comes to your little ones first birthday. Sure, they wont remember any of it, but you will and so will the photographs.

So, obviously, youll want to put together a birthday celebration thats nearly perfect. Once you have the smash cake ordered and the decorations coordinated, its time to get your babys outfit together.

Turning one year old is a big deal, just any outfit wont do. But with the right accessories we can help you turn even their plainest onesie into a spectacular look!

Product Details Get your camera ready because this Toddlers Fun to Be One Birthday Cake Hat is sure to cause your kiddo to pose for countless photo opts! The tall yellow hat is designed to look like a cheerful birthday cake with Fun to be One embroidered on the front and a single plush birthday candle decorating the top.

Smashing Success Hopefully your one-year-old smashes their cake with all the charm a toddler can possess. Those cheeky, icing covered smiles are priceless.

But even if they simply stare blankly at their gathered admirers, this festive hat will have your tiny tot looking ready for their first birthday party!


Diva Sash Hot Pink

Hitting A High Note Did you know the term "Diva" originally referred to a famous female opera singer? So, if you are, in fact, launching your international operatic career and tonight is your going-away party, then, by all means, slip on this Hot Pink Diva Sash and let the world know.

But, it's possible you're also sporting this at a birthday bash, a promotion celebration, a dinner to toast your new house, or happy hour to celebrate your entrepreneurial enterprise. In that case, leave the opera songs (and costumes) at the door and just enjoy this bright and sassy sash for what it is: a declaration of your fervent, fierce, fabulousness!

A sash like this says "I'm the boss," in a not-so-subtle way, and will make you feel like the belle of the ball. It's a clear way to make sure you're the center of attention and what diva wouldn't love that?

and hey, you may even score a few free drinks from your fellow divas throughout the night! Product Details This satiny sash shines with a bright pink hue that makes you feel instantly emboldened and happy.

One size fits most, so you can rest assured you'll feel fab all night long in this look!

Glasses Birthday

Icing on the Cake You were already having a pretty great birthday. You got well-wishes from coworkers and calls from family.

Your niece sang you an adorable song that your sister texted you at lunch. You had plans to have a couple of drinks after work.

And then your friend showed up wearing something totally embarrassing that was in your honor. They didn't have to.

You didn't ask anyone to wear a pair of giant, silly glasses in honor of your birthday. But to be honest, seeing them grinning away in those goofy goggles was the icing on the cake that was a really great day!

Product Details These Happy Birthday glasses are made with solid plastic so they can be brought out whenever it's someone's special day. The white frames are topped with birthday candles and "Happy Birthday" written in a scrolling script.

A great choice for party favors, these could be kept in a desk at work or in a drawer at home in preparation for the inevitable birthday that rolls around. Birthdays come but once a year, and you're going to be the one with a vision to make this day extra special.

What more could you wish for?

GlitterGlam .5oz Opal Confetti Liquid Glitter Make

No Such Thing as Too Much More glitter is always the answer. What was the question again?

When you're going for a glitzy, glamorous look or a playful, fun vibe, anything that sparkles is always going to be your best bet. After you've found suitably sparkly clothes and accessories, the next thing to do is to upgrade your makeup for a look that really pops!

Product Details Shine bright with this lovely GlitterGlam 5oz Opal Confetti Make Up! The easy-to-use professional makeup can be applied with your choice of sponge or even your fingers.

It's ideal for eyelids and highlighting thanks to the light-catching glitter it contains. Use makeup remover to take it off when finished!

Ready for Anything Give off superstar vibes at your next event, holiday, or night out! A touch of glitter elevates any outfit and provides a great excuse to party.

You'll look fabulous no matter what your schedule holds.


Happy Birthday Silver Sparkle Tiara

Birthday On The Brain In our opinion, your birthday is a pretty big deal. You showed up on planet Earth on that day, and again, thats a pretty big deal in our book!

The importance of the day cannot be emphasized enough. Its worth shouting about!

However, we understand some places of work probably discourage doing that (looking directly at you, libraries, nurseries, national parks). How do you let people know its your birthday?

We have a solution, and its called the Happy Birthday Silver Sparkle Tiara, and we think its going to work just fine. Fun Details This dazzling head accessory is designed specifically to let friends, acquaintances, and strangers know what day it is without saying a single word.

Made of metal, this tiara was likely forged by artisans humming Happy Birthday to You as they worked, and the plastic hair clips attached to it are specifically designed to reinforce the tiara on your head when youre laughing hysterically at all the fun youre having. Sparkly glitter on the front spells out Happy Birthday, and really reinforces the message: its MY birthday, and its a great day!


Plush Birthday Cake Hat

The Birthday Hat We love birthdays! It's a time for presents, parties, games.


and our favorite part, the birthday hat. What's that you say?

You don't have a birthday hat? In fact, you've never heard of a birthday hat?

We thought everyone knew about birthday hats! They're a special kind of hat that you wear when that special time of year comes around.

It's the kind of hat that lets everyone know that you're a whole year older. You gotta have a birthday hat, and it just so happens that this Adult Birthday Cake Plush Hat is ready to become your favorite part of your birthday experience!

Product Details This adult-sized hat embodies the delicious feeling of being the birthday boy or girl! The hat is designed to look just like a birthday cake, complete with frosting and faux candles on top.

It even has "Happy Birthday" written on the side of it. The interior of the hat features a size adjuster, so this hat is a one-size-fits-most style.

Just plop this on your head when the big day comes, or better yet, introduce one of your friends to the birthday hat tradition by getting this wacky hat for their birthday celebration.