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Alice Potion Bottle Necklace

Every once in a while we find ourselves wishing we had Alice's "Drink Me" potion so we could fit into different scenarios that we dont naturally feel comfortable in. If you try hard enough you can almost pretend that you fit.

Like the time you joined that Karaoke competition. An hour after you put in your song you had almost convinced yourself that you had the range of Alicia Keys and while you didn't get an instant invitation to sign on to a record deal, you sure went up there with confidence.

Isn't that like a little potion in itself? We wouldn't drink this bottle of potion as it consists mostly of glitter, but you can wear it to remind yourself that if you can shrink down to ten inches tall or grow bigger than a house--but it depends on your own mind.

Wear it as a little bit of sparkle for your Alice costume or with a t-shirt and jeans. After all, there's nothing like a little bottled courage.


Child Deluxe Alice Costume | Exclusive | Made By Us

Nothing But Nonsense It must be a bit of a surprise! Alice is smart and has solid grasp on reality, so venturing into Wonderland, a world that's solidly senseless, must be quite the conundrum!

There's a caterpillar who talks, a rabbit with a pocket watch who's always late, a cat who speaks in puzzling riddles, and a Hatter who's completely lost his gourd. The good news is that Alice is such a good sport that she just rolls along with all of the craziness and nonsense that seems to be happening in the wonderful world of Wonderland.


even a hot-tempered queen! Design & Details You won't have to deal with any nonsense when you pick up this HalloweenCostumes.

com exclusive costume for girls. It captures the classic Alice look, and with top-notch material and construction, you can be sure that she'll have a timeless style for this Halloween.

This deluxe Halloween costume comes with a blue dress that has buttons at center back for easy on and off and features puffed short sleeves with elastic cuffs for added detail. For added fullness, the dress also features a sewn-in petticoat thats edged with ruffled eyelets.

A white pinafore apron that has ruffled shoulder straps ties at the waist to give it the full Alice look. Finish off your costume with the included black satin hair ribbon that can be tied however best fits your childs hair.

Check out all of our accessories to get her ready for a trip of her own to Wonderland, including black shoes, white tights, and a clock purse! Riddles and Rhythm If your child loves Alice in Wonderland, or just wants to indulge in a bit of nonsense, then this Made by Us costume is a great choice!

She'll want to talk in nothing but riddles when she wears it!

Deluxe Toddler Alice Costume | Exclusive | Made By Us

Time For Tea! Who is ready for a tea party?

Alice is! Did you invite the Mad Hatter?

We hope that you did because you know just how crazy he can become when he doesnt get his tea at the proper time! But, let's be real, we all know who the real star of this show is: Alice.

She always knows how to make an entrance at any party and her inquisitive nature makes her the girl everyone wants to talk to at any gathering. From the Mad Hatter to the White Rabbit and the March Hare, Alice will always be the one everyone is talking about after the party is over.

And that makes her the guest of honor at all of the parties to follow! Needless to say, she's the center of attention even if the Queen of Hearts herself happens to make an appearance.

Product Design and Detail We're sure that you wantyour little Alice to be the center of attention too, and this Deluxe Toddler Alice Costume is an adorable storybook costume for young girls that will do just the trick this Halloween. Your child will love the puffy sleeves and ruffles!

The blue dress has buttons in the back, and the puffy sleeves are a fun detail. The skirt has an attached white eyelet petticoat to add volume and the ruffled white apron ties in the back.

Add the final touches with the included black ribbon hair tie. Just pick up the black Mary Jane shoes and the white tights for the complete look this Halloween.

Down the Rabbithole Your little one will feel like she's the other-worldly adventurer from the Lewis Carrol's classic novel when she's wearing this costume. The full skirt will billow out as she twirls, pretending to be singing and dancing among the flowers.

Team up with the rest of the Wonderland gang with our wild costumes to make this a dynamic experience. After all, down in Wonderland, we're all mad!


Supreme Alice Costume for Girls

Alice: How long is forever? Kids are constantly asking questions.

When do we learn how to breath underwater? Since your eyes are blue, does that mean you see everything in blue?

In the olden days was everything black and white? And then there are the hard questions: What is the name of the space between the bits that stick out on a comb?

(We don't know how to answer these!) We aren't the only ones to be bombarded by curiouser, and curiouser children.

Lewis Carroll knew how much children wanted to know. That is why he wrote Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

He knew that kids were naturally interested in everything around them. And, no matter how much we don't want it to happen, all children will grow up.

But, they will be smarter for the questions they asked, just like Alice. Embrace your little girl's curiosity.

Try to answer her questions as she dances around in this Child Supreme Alice Costume. She will be a smarter woman for the questions, and your answers.

Sure you might not know the answer to some of them like "What is air made of?" Or, "Why doesn't the sky fall on us?

" But that won't stop her from asking them. And even when you do know the answer she might just stand there in her blue dress, wearing her white apron not believing the real answer.

At that point just make something up until she is older. And when she asks how long forever is, take a page out of Carroll's book.

White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.