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10.5 Witch Legs in Cauldron Arrow Figure Sign

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and..


Trouble Brewing potions and casting spells isn't all eye of newt and toe of frog, you know. It's definitely not OSHA-approved, either!

Sometimes accidents happen, but when you're a seasoned witch, you learn to roll with the punches. This 10.

5 Inch Witch Legs in Cauldron Arrow Figure will give you a chuckle whenever you see it hung from your arrow mount. A bubbling cauldron on a roaring fire clearly has an unexpected "ingredient" inside it: Two witch legs wearing striped stockings and curl-toed shoes!

Chains attached to each foot let you hang the decoration in place.


7 Inch Black Eyelash Fringe Pumpkin

Pumpkin Fashion PSA Shag is back! All of the most fashion-forward gourds in the patch are taking a cue from the 1970s in the best possible way.

Smooth and orange is out. Fringe is in!

And everyone knows that black is a universally flattering color, besides being the shade of October spookiness! Product Details Update your Halloween decorations with this fabulous Black 7 Inch Eyelash Fringe Pumpkin!

The decorative gourd is creatively and stylishly decorated with black fringe for a fun avante-garde feel. A faux stem peeks out the top and is realistically molded and painted.


8 oz Graftobian Spirit Gum

Spirited Away Do you get swept up in dreaming about your Halloween costume every year? If you're like us, then as soon as that first fall chill sweeps the summer nights, you start tossing and turning in your bed, thinking about how this year your costume is really going to make an entrance!

With all this enthusiasm, you know you can't just put on a costume and expect shock and awe. No, this year you'll really drop some jaws because you'll transcend 2D makeup by using the wonders of theatrical spirit gum!

Product Details What is spirit gum? It's a theatrical adhesive that can be used to fix hairpieces, fake skin, scars, and other effects to your skin.

To use, apply a dollop to the skin, let it "breathe" and become sticky before applying your desired object. Use makeup remover to return to your original self.

Stuck On You Want to get creative? From goryscars, monster facial features, and horrifying hair, you've got options.

You can take it as far as you want. All you have to do is scroll through our makeup and special effects catalog to get some ideas.

Who knew a little spirit could transform your Halloween look?

Adult Large Moth Wings

Moth Magic Moths and butterflies are everyday fairies. They're every bit as gorgeous as the fantasy creatures we dream of, and you don't have to fly past the second star on the right to find them.

We're often curious about these little creatures, full of mystery and a million tales all their own. But since they aren't spilling their secrets, we'll have to settle with imitating their flight!

What could be better than dressing as one for a costume party? Design & Details Look marvelous in a pair of exclusive Adult Large Costume Wings!

A pair of polyester satin wings is printed with beautiful moth pattern graphics in shades of white, caramel, and black. They're attached to a pair of elastic straps, and each end is sewn with an elastic wrist strap so that you can spread the wings when you extend your arms.

Don't Go Toward the Light Are you looking for an accessory that will transform a simple outfit into a party-worthy costume? A pair of human-sized moth wings is just what you need!

You'll look absolutely stunning, but remember: On your way to hang out with your friends, don't get sidetracked by any porch lights or you'll be fluttering around a sixty-watt bulb for hours.


Ball and Chain Accessory

Time for a Jailbreak This joint is boring. All you did was steal several million dollars worth of flawless diamonds, so why do you have to be here anyway?

It's a good thing you're ready to put your genius escape plan into motion! All you need is a silent jackhammer, scuba gear.


and a handsaw to get this weight off of your leg. Product Details You did it!

You're free - except for this exclusive Ball and Chain Ankle Accessory! The lightweight plastic costume prop is painted to look like weathered metal.

It consists of a round ball "weight" that's connected to a circular ankle cuff by a plastic linked chain. It's easy to slide on and remove from your ankle - unlike the real deal!

Bump in the Night Plotting a major prison break or planning to be a guilty ghost this Halloween? Your ball and chain is an essential accessory!

Remember to avoid anyone who is dressed as an officer or a ghost hunter. They'll never catch you!


Black Flapper Beads

In the time of Gatsby and his lavish parties, women's style was just the Cats Meow! They were that perfect combination of fun and flippy, while still being just a little saucy with their short style.

We would have loved to dance the Charleston with a handsome sailor. Maybe even rub elbows with some of Capone's men.

(We don't condone the violence, but the gangster style was so alluring.) Everyone had such flare and could talk a mile a minute!

We really love all the accessories that went with a woman's outfit. The elaborately beaded headbands with a long poofy feather on the side.

The fur coats, always draped off one shoulder. And the jewelry!

Oh, the jewelry! (Our absolute favorite part!

) The glitzy rings and bangle bracelets, and the layers and layers of long necklaces! All of it jingling and tinking when you walked.

Just slip into that fun-flippy dress, faux fur coat and layer on the rings and a couple Flapper Bead necklaces. You'll be the Cats Meow at any Roaring 20s party, and you never know who you'll run into at Gatsby's house!